>Spider-Man Web of Shadows

>Spiderman Web of Shadows



When a deadly symbiote invasion devastates the streets of New York City, only Spider-Man can seize control and bring salvation to the city. From the game’s direction to Spider-Man’s destiny, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows puts control in the gamer’s hands.* Overhauled Combat System Provides Deepest Arsenal Ever: A reengineered combat system fuses Spider-Man’s speed and strength to create deadly new attacks and combos. For the first time ever in a Spider-Man game, players can take the fight vertically and combat foes on city walls, where only Spider-Man holds the advantage.
* Gamers Control Their Fighting Experience: At a moment’s notice, gamers can switch between the agile grace of Spider-Man’s Red Suit and the savage power of the Black Suit, creating some of the most devastating combos ever seen in a Spider-Man game.
* Players Can Customise Their Ideal Spider-Man: Players earn experience in multiple combat disciplines, allowing them to custom-design their ideal Spider-Man. Points awarded during battle can be used across unique paths to upgrade the Red Suit and Black Suit, allowing players complete control over the style and moves they take into combat.
* Every Choice Counts: Dependant on the gamer’s actions and decisions, a morality meter will gauge whether citizens cheer Spider-Man on or run away in fear. Spider-Man’s actions as hero or vigilante,based on choices at key points in the game, will affect how the fate of New York vs. alien invasion ends.
* Side With Marvel’s Greatest Heroes and Villains: Luke Cage or Vulture? Wolverine or Electro? Gamers can control who will ultimately aid them in the fight to rid New York of its alien symbiote.Alliances with Marvel’s greatest heroes and most notorious villains hold consequences, as heroic and vigilante paths hold different destinies. Call upon your allies with the push of a button to combine forces for epic Hero Strikes!
* A Living, Breathing New York City Under Siege: Next-generation technology provides gamers with an added dimension of interactivity – destroy store fronts, demolish vehicles and grab anything in your path to use as a weapon. Devastated by the invasion, New York City is itself transformed with enormous, hanging symbiote hives and infected symbiotes, providing gamers with an added dimension of interactivity รป destroy store fronts, demolish vehicles and grab anything in your path to use as a weapon. Devastated by the invasion, New York City is itself transformed with enormous, hanging symbiote hives and infected symbiotes, providing gamers with epic never-before seen visuals and enemies.




Full ISO: ( ~ 8.1GB )

8 X 1GB Links








Download Link

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >hi the fist link is defantly broken an other ones i wase't botherd to checkso yeah canu please fix it thk

  2. Anonymous says:

    >sasasaneta@sezampro wrote:
    Hey can you help me??? "The game settings are missing or out-of-date.Please run Game Luncher to configure game settings."?????When i run it nothing to show.Can you help me please??????

    I had the same problem. I fixed it by going to it's installation file (something like C:/Program Files/Team JPN/Spiderman Web of Shadows/image/PC/

    Then load 'Spiderman Launcher' It takes a while to load up but when it comes up just change the screen resolution and click play. It should work.

    Okay now the game does work however it's a poor rip. The cut scenes aren't very clear and the sound quality is poor on some speech. I get some dialogue going in a very deep pitch like it's going in slow motion and it's really annoying. Sometimes certain dialogues work but other times it just goes too slow.

    Of course this isn't the uploaders fault. Links were working fine. I used to 1GB Rip, don't know if the problems persist in the full ISO.

    Thanks again for the game.

  3. Gameuploader says:

    >Links are reupload

  4. rocky says:

    the spiderman webs of shadows download link is not working
    can you help me out

  5. lorenz andrei dominguez says:

    what is clicking to download the game?

    • comment says:



  6. usef says:

    the download link dosent work

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